fic: only a name (epilogue) - completed

by: mal

word count: ~1,700

summary: soulmate!AU: Kurt and Blaine are activists part of a revolution where they ritualistically adopt aliases and wear wrist cuffs as to not reveal the names written there because they believe that people should fall in love the ‘natural way’. Little do they know they are each other’s true soulmate. 

a/n: you can read all previous chapters on S&C and AO3.

(chapter 13)

Blaine,” Kurt whispered between their parted lips, his breath warm, tickling and promising before going in for another gentle kiss. Their lips were smooth and soft, comforting and perfect, sliding along with a modest amount of tongue as Blaine returned with a reverent, “Kurt.”

They could say each other’s names over and over again until they were old and grey, never getting enough of the fact that they were each other’s eternal; Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt sat in Blaine’s lap, fingers roaming, curling around the nape of Blaine’s heated neck. He ground down, whining quietly as he felt Blaine hot and hard against him, their embraces inviting and secure.

“I love you,” Kurt told him when he pulled away again, emotion in his throat. Blaine’s eyes sparkled with similar associations, cupping Kurt’s cheek, thumb brushing over his moistened mouth.

“I love you too.. Kurt.” And there it was again. The name. It was his; both of theirs.

"Oh, Blaine-“

They kissed again, almost like they were running out of time, nothing short of utterly desperate as they gripped each other, pulling each other impossibly closer. Would one lifetime together be enough?

Blaine broke away, kissing down Kurt’s neck, worshipping along his collarbone, making his way down to Kurt’s left wrist which today was just clad in exposed skin, home of the name of yours truly.

The scars there were faded a bit, but still shone in the bright light of the television, reminding them both of their journey to each other, but also what is ahead for them. Blaine kissed Kurt’s wrist gently, his lips brushing over the thickest scar as if his love could heal, and maybe it could.

Kurt closed his eyes and soaked in his happiness, so pure and true, relishing in how light he felt now, his heart now free of all burdens.

They could only enjoy their bliss a bit longer when the television playing went from commercial to the program they were eagerly expecting. Kurt stirred, moving to sit next to Blaine instead, twining their fingers.

“Shhhh, it’s starting.”

Blaine just smiled, even though they were both being rather quiet, eyes fixed on the TV.

The host introduced their guests, “Burt Hummel and Felicia Dawson!” Kurt’s parents - together. Kurt nearly choked up at the thought.

The two of them seated themselves close on the love-seat available, almost mirroring Kurt and Blaine’s position with all the formalities out of the way. When Burt reached over to shake the hand of the host, Kurt still received a small jolt of seeing his father’s wrist bare, his mother’s name stark and prominent along the tendons.

Once they all seemed comfortable and settled, the host asked eagerly, “So how about we begin with the story of how you two met?”

Kurt’s mother laughed, and she was just so, so stunning. “Oh, that would take up more than the time allotted.” And then she just gazed at Burt like nothing else in the world mattered, placing her hand on his knee. Kurt wondered if he looked like that with Blaine.

It was a vision seeing two people together who were so truly and infinitely meant to be.

“Well then how about answer some fan questions? We sure have a high demand for them today.” Nobody objected to the idea it seemed, when the camera panned to a young woman with large breasts and angled glasses. She wore a simple black leather cuff upon her wrist, typical of the cause. She introduced herself.

“I’ve been a supporter since the very beginning,” she claimed, straightening her glasses, looking a bit nervous. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed her nerves. “Burt, how do you respond to the recent accusations that with revealing yours and your son’s names, forfeiting the cuffs and aliases and allegedly uniting with your true soulmates hypocritical?”

Burt looked gravely serious, reminding Kurt of when he admitted all his secrets to his father only a few short weeks ago.

“I am truly humbled by all that has happened recently, but I knew that I would have to come back and explain or atone for said events eventually, to my loyal followers.” Burt paused, rubbing his chin. “I still believe in the principal ideals, of course. I will never abandon the cause, never, for as long as I shall live. However, a core tenant of my philosophy has always gone down to choice. My son found his soulmate, through all obstacles and impossibilities without even knowing it was him, but still managed to fall in love. My son has always kept his options open his entire life, and always done right by me and our beliefs, but beyond all that, the person he decided to be with was his soulmate by happenstance.”

“Humbled?” The host prompted, looking deeply moved.

“Yes, humbled,” Kurt’s father agreed. “I am humbled by the fact that there is still so much to learn about the mystery surrounding the concept of soulmates. Please don’t let this ever discourage you. There is so much in this world that we don’t know, and in any aspect of your life, it is important to remain skeptical, as well as keep an open mind.”

"Very wise words, don’t you agree?" The murmuring of consent in the crowd seemed to.

"If that’s alright," Burt asked courteously, lifting himself up boldly. "My beautiful Felicia and I would like to make an important announcement on behalf of the cause."

The host seemed quite excited indeed. “Yes, yes you may.”

"I am pleased to announce the emergence of the Hummel-Dawson foundation as a brother to my previous," Burt announced. He then looked to his wife-to-be and waited for her to pick up where he left off.

"With all the revenue generated by Burt’s recruits, volunteers and supporters over the last ten years, we are going to spread awareness of the Purity Script Brotherhood for the first time. We will provide refuge for victims, offer support and housing, even counseling. We are all about love and how a person chooses to live their lives. We will be victims no longer of the PSB’s dark power."

Kurt couldn’t help but admire her, his mother facing her all her fears, facing those so publicly that she’s hid and ran from for nearly two decades. She was more perfect than Kurt could ever imagine, and this was only the beginning. 

This was something entirely new, and Kurt was ready to take the next step in his life. He was born ready to change the world.

The host looked enraptured by her bravery as well, curious, tentative, “Please can you tell us more about your experience fleeing them?”

And the rest was history.

Kurt wanted to share this moment with Blaine, but he noticed his lover was looking a little troubled. Kurt followed his gaze to the letter, which still remained unopened.

"You haven’t read it." It wasn’t a question.

"I’m afraid," Blaine admitted. "When you gave it to me after the Ball, I wanted to, but I just couldn’t."

Kurt took his hand. “I’m here, I’ll always be here. I promise you that everything in that letter is everything you want and more.”

Blaine looked to Kurt, eyes shining. “How do you know that?”

Kurt leaned in and kissed him gently, finger under his chin. “I just do.”

Blaine pressed their foreheads together, eyelashes brushing against Kurt’s cheeks with each blink. He sniffled a little, readying himself. 

"Stay with me?" Blaine’s voice was so innocent. Kurt understood it, the return to innocence in the face of the unknown, especially when it had to do with parents.

"Open it when you’re ready," Kurt whispered, kissing Blaine’s cheeks, stroking his hair. "Trust me."


Blaine pulled away and reached for it, taking it carefully into his hands. Kurt kept touching him, letting Blaine know he was there for him, and that it was okay to take his time.

"I wasn’t ready for what my mother told me," Kurt told him. "But I’m glad she did. Meeting her was the best day of my life aside from meeting you."

Blaine looked up and smiled, so bright and so pure that made Kurt’s heart ache in the best way possible.

Blaine broke the seal, and saw there was a small spider on it. Then, they both took deep breaths before reading.

My dearest Blaine,

I wish I could have known you, though still to this day I know that I will be proud of whatever you do with your life. If you are anything like your father, foster homes shouldn’t give you any sort of trouble. I just had to keep you safe. After your father died, I had nobody to protect me; nobody to protect you. I joined the Spider Fellowship and met a beautiful human, a blank-wrister like myself named Felicia. She had a son too, she told me. She left him with his father when he was barely a year old, so she understood my pain. She also said she checks on him every once in a while, and I know that when I can, I shall do the same for you. I love you, my beautiful son, and never forget that. Let the stars shine upon you, giving you a soulmate whom of which you can flourish with.


Blaine folded up the old letter, tears dripping down his nose. Kurt held him as he mulled everything over. His parents never abandoned him. They were running. They had a reason. They loved him.

"What happened to her?" Blaine wondered, scrubbing the tears from his cheeks. He asked out-loud, even though he wasn’t sure if Kurt would know or not.

"My mom told me and my Dad that she grew very ill, and they had limited supplies to treat her." Blaine looked like he was going to cry again, so Kurt quickly added, "But don’t worry, baby, they said that the brutality your father faced wasn’t her fate. She fell asleep in the arms of those that loved her dearly in the Fellowship."

Blaine nodded, taking in the information. It was bittersweet, but it was much greater than he could have ever hoped for or imagined. Kurt was right.

Kurt, his soulmate, forever and always.

They would face the rest of their years together, and now Blaine was no longer afraid.

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